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Name:Johnathan Williams
Birthdate:Oct 19, 1945
Location:United States of America
Name: John Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 71 [turned 1981]
Species: Vampire
Clan: Ventrue Antitribu
Appearance: In progress.
Personality: In progress.

Powers: In progress.

Weaknesses: As a vampire, John's weaknesses are kind of obvious. Staking him puts him into Torpor, a kind of vampiric coma until the stake is removed, and sunlight or fire can kill him. As a Ventrue, John can only feed on a select group of individuals. In his case, he can only feed on beautiful natural blonds.

John Williams is an original character played by hyper_metal. Player and character are both over the age of 18.

World of Darkness/Vampire: The Masquerade is copyright White Wolf Publishing.

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